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Hips, legs and neck alignment

Clyve Power has corrected deep tissue and structural problems to my ankles (severe sprains), legs and hips (woke up with right side completely numb from hip to toe) truly helped re-establish my health aligning the spine and helped to reassure me with explanations that kept me going when I was looking at a wheelchair in 2009/2010. Slight numbness now from time to time and continuing to recover, dance classes next!

hellen mason-spyry


Thank you for the wonderful diagnosis and treatment,…My symptoms of Ulcerative colitis were going for the last three years. The herbal drink that was recommended to me improved the symptoms significantly. My wife who has been having problems with her joints is undergoing Acupuncture treatment from the centre. The results of this have been very good. …Thank you very much for curing my illnesses and bringing changes to my life.

Mr. S Morjaria

Depression, Sciatica/Back Pain

I came to Acuherb several months ago and have never looked back since, the help, kindness and finally a cure for a back problem has been a miracle…After six acupuncture and Chinese meditation, my back pain and sciatic pain have gone completely

My daughter and myself are being treated to come off our antidepressants. My daughter came off the tablets four weeks ago and attends acupuncture once every two weeks. She has done so well. Her behaviour has changed for the better. She feels much happier now, sleeps well, has increased level of energy and is generally able to cope calmly with situations. I have managed to reduce my antidepressants from two tablets daily to half a tablet ever five days. I continue to improve every week

Mrs. M Gohil

Chronic Constipation and Cough

My mother has been suffered from chronic constipation and a cough for over two years…within four months of Acupuncture and herbal treatment, she is feeling completely well.

Mrs. N Vaghela

Infertility, Endometriosis, Ovarian cysts

I have been suffering with Endometriosis in my bowel and uterus for several years and also had a couple of ovarian cysts. Despite an operation to remove the cysts and as much endometriosis as possible, my symptoms did return and I still failed to become pregnant. To try and get some control back, and help my body naturally, I visited Acuherb London Road Clinic to see if they could help. At this time, I had the following symptoms:-

  • Interrupted sleep with trips to the bathroom 4-5 times a night.
  • 10-15 trips to the bathroom per day (bowels)
  • 2 ovarian cysts accompanied by ovarian pains
  • Severe lower back pain
  • Low energy level
  • Low motivation and low mood
  • Blood from my bowels

After the initial session of Acupuncture, my condition improved with every visit and continued to improve whilst taking herbs…

Gradually I began to feel better with less and less back pain, a better mood and energy. I was only getting up for the bathroom once a night and going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day ( bowels). Scans at the hospital showed that my cysts were not growing ( in fact reducing slightly) and my endometriosis only affected me when I had a period.

Because the cysts were not growing, we were able to proceed onto IVF, where I responded so well to the drug that we had to stop the treatment. My consultant said that he expected the opposite reaction with my condition. Because of my reaction to the drugs, my consultant lowered the dosages of our 2nd attempt which was successful.

Although the treatment can be expensive, I am really pleased that I embarked on this and would recommend it to everyone in a similar situation. I feel completely different to how I did when I first visited – more like the old me – and in a few months ( all being well), I will be a parent for the 1st time.

Thank you Acuherb Good Health Centre!

Mrs Eason - Leicester

Depression (low energy, sleep disorder, digestive disorder)

I attended Acuherb Hinckley clinic due to experiencing side effects from the traditional anti-depressant medication I had been described. I had been prescribed this, along with sleeping pills….I also suffered from generally low immunity ( repeated infections, colds and illness), eating disorders and fatigue throughout this time. …I was given lots of information and advice, including life style and dietary tips….Although I have only been receiving treatment for five weeks, I believe that I have seen some definite benefits and changes already. I feel that my mood has lifted and that I have more energy, less bloating and digestive discomfort…I hope to come off all of my prescribed medications in time and am very happy that I have found a system which respects the whole system and aims to achieve long term health and vitality rather than ‘quick fix’.

Miss McCrea - April, 2009, Hinckley


I am 58 years old and I have been suffering with epileptic fits since childhood. With the increasing medication given by my doctor, I could not coordinate my body and mind, also through my medication fits got worse, having one or two a month I started taking Chinese herbal medicine from April, 2008 and cutting down on my medication gradually, which I no longer take now. I also have occasional acupuncture. I have not had an attack since I have been taking the herbs, and feel so much better.

At the time of writing this (Beginning of April 2009), I feel well enough to decrease the herbs. The Chinese herbal medicine not only helped with my epilepsy but also with any other ailments I have had.

Mrs. Dowell - April, 2009, Hinckley


I would like to write a brief letter of recommendation concerning your services. This is because your herbs have caused me significant health benefits which I do not think I would have gained any other way. Despite trying ' Western medicine' to cure asthma problems I experienced, the only long last relief I received was from the herbs you gave me over the last 6 months.

Although I had been suffering with asthma since December 2008, it was really after a severe fire that I felt very poor indeed. My energy levels were exceedingly low and I was unable to work. I also frequently lost my voice, which was a big problem, as I was engaged in teacher training. Despite the best attempt of local doctors there seemed to be no respite. Fortunately, I found Acuherb Good Health Centre.

Through your work and your herbs, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. I have now reached a point where I can function close to normally.

One of the things I liked most about the Health Centre was treating the issue with a range of solutions.... I know I have benefited very dramatically from your interventions. I was so impressed that I recommended your services to my girlfriend, who has also felt noticeably better whilst taking your herbs.

A teacher - January 2010 , Leicester
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